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Apartment Services FAQs
Answers to frequently asked questions about our services.
  • How much does junk removal cost?
    Junk removal costs vary depending on area of service and junk volume. To receive an accurate quote, we ask that you fill out a signup form allowing one of our members to provide an estimate.
  • How do I schedule a junk removal pickup?
    Scheduling a pick up is simple. Just fill out the signup form and one of our members will guide you through the remaining process, as well as answer any questions along the way.
  • Why have I not heard anything regarding my junk removal signup?
    At Wave Waste, we work hard to meet our clients needs and exceed standards. However, high service volumes may lengthen response time. We will reach out to you as soon as possible, within 5 business days of your request. If immediate service is needed, we recommend calling one of the provided help numbers.
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