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Any rental agency knows of how many problems can appear when entering peak vacation seasons, and alleviating just one of these can cause a tremendous difference. At Wave Waste we strive to aid in making this difference through the waste management sector of vacation rentals. As a rental agency, solving a problem generally begins with solving a renter’s problem. As such, the issues that arise with waste management among properties tend to stem from the experience of the renter. Wave Waste eliminates the renter's inconvenience of taking trash out for pickup, as well as the rental agency’s many issues when one misses a pickup. 

Inconvenience to Renter
Inconvenience to Rental Agency

At Wave Waste, we put professionalism and client satisfaction at the top of the list. When you allow us to work with your rental agency, we will take on the responsibility of being your eyes and ears when on property completing our task. Any issues we come across will be reported immediately to ensure the properties are being kept in the best manner possible. Any waste left scattered from trash pickup will be collected and disposed of as to keep the area clean and looking good. 

Wave Waste is committed to satisfying its clients, and that being said you may cancel anytime. No contracts keep you from parting ways with us if for any reason our service just is not for you. This being said, we are always willing to be flexible as to most efficiently provide our service to our clients. Here at Wave Waste, we strive to make the world a cleaner, happier place for both you and your renters alike.

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